Клуб приложна електротехника и електроника
2 Юни 2012
The site is nearing completion

Almost everything is now functioning.

The design is set and not more than a few minor changes are expected.

The functionality is done as well.

The only thing that is lacking is the Forum where you are supposed to express your opinion and ask the questions on your mind. Considering that this might have been the thing you looked forward to the most in this site I am pleased to tell you that it is not that far in the future.

For now, though, you will have to arm yourselves with patience!

1 Май 2012
The whole site is under construction
As of 1st of May the Eltech site is being under development. The design is expected to be complete in two weeks (14th of May) and the completely functioning version of the site should be ready in the following week (till 21th) Thank you for your patients!
Eltech Site Launch